Dan Carlin book: "The End is Always Near"

Discussion in 'TMB Book Club' started by I<3privatedances, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Anybody read this? I just finished up his second most recent podcast on Pacific Theatre during World War II and it sounded like an interesting concept that would expand on quite a few of his podcasts.
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    I listened to the audiobook. It’s pretty close to listening to one of his podcasts. It’s a little dryer because he doesn’t go off on tangents imagining what it must be like for this individual person going through whatever.

    It’s really a bunch of short stories about times in history where the modern people thought it was the End of times. The plague, mongols, nuclear bombs ect. If anyone else is wrote it, i would have thought it was kind of dumb. I never listen to audiobooks so I kind treated it as a podcast and like it for what it was.

    I read it pretty close to when it first came out and I still don’t really know how to feel about it. Lol.
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    I read the book. It was interesting. Just like one of his podcasts. If you like Hardcore History you'll like the book. Is not a must buy though.
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