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    Had to take our dog to the vet for routine shots today. She has been doing this thing where when we’re out playing, she’ll lift up her front right paw trying to take weight off of it. We thought it was a blister or something wrong with her paw (she licks them all the time). Turns out she’s got some elbow soreness :tebow:

    we’ve got her on some pain meds, but have to reduce her activity for a while, which she’s not going to enjoy. Really hoping we can get get feeling better with some good r&r and a little bit of medication. Not fun though
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    She’s the best good girl.

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    Chewy does seem to be a great company. We randomly got a hand painted picture of one of our dogs one day, and they send birthday cards to each of them every year.
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    Apologies for the sobbiness, post cry session in the car. I'd give anything for it to be full of Dierks' hair again.
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    i told you it was going to be tough, I never felt so bad in my life than after spock had to leave us. I think we all understand what you are going through. it’s been over 2 years for me now and I now realize that I will never get over it. He was part of our family and I will always miss him.
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    My Bernese puppy is 17 weeks, 37 pounds, and today she perfected the five star frog splash off of the furniture.

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    Had the dog park to ourselves for a while yesterday. Was awesome!
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    Piper Duane is going through her first heat (vet recommended waiting to spay until after first heat since she is a big girl).

    She won’t leave my side. She won’t stop staring at me. She wants nothing to do with my wife and everything to do with me.

    The ultra affection Piper Duane’s showing as a result of the hormones totally offsets the downsides of changing bloody dog diapers. But she’s getting spayed ASAP now that it’s here.
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    Layla has not been eating and started vomiting. She has reflux, so a day or two of this isn’t a huge deal if she gets off her eating schedule. After three days, we took her to the vet, and her pancreatic and liver lipase levels were really high. They thought it might be bad gastritis or maybe pancreatitis, and were treating it as such. The past two days, she had outright refused to eat. This afternoon, she had diarrhea that was almost all blood. They’ve now hospitalized her to run more tests and give her an IV. I’m pretty terrified.

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    Positive thoughts your way, man. Hoping for the best.
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