Games Your Ashamed You Have Not Played

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    So what exactly have you played?

    This is hard to answer, because there are games I haven't played that are supremely popular, so I'm not really ashamed to of not played them.

    Witcher series
    Far Cry series
    State of Decay series, or really any zombie games not named Resident Evil
    Final Fantasy
    Mass Effect series
    Rainbow 6 Siege
    Dark Souls series
    Command and Conquer (watched friends play it, but never really did myself)
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    I’ve played 80% of those titles, some probably less than 10 hours but enough to understand the game. The others are ones that friends recommend or that I’ve watched on Twitch and thought I would like if I wanted to invest all the time required to be good or at least competitive. Being a casual gamer is something I’ve struggled with just in terms of being super dedicated to endgame content in an MMO or ultra competitive league play like a lot of FPS games. Dota was good for that simply because I was never talented enough to get out of the trench but I was good enough to understand how things worked and win conditions. That’s what makes that game such an awesome spectator esport. Other games in that group were awesome, but I either didn’t like the controls, or struggled with the in game mechanics.
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    Metro 2033 is solid, I'm looking forward to playing Last Light soon-ish. Have all the FEAR games in my backlog, enjoyed what little i have played over the years.

    In response to the title of the thread, on the PC side I'm ashamed for not being more than 10 hours into Witcher 3. Haven't played a Civ game in years. Still have not made it past the first mission in Homeworld. Haven't gotten more than 2 missions into Company of heroes. XCom 2 and Arma 3 haven't even started. For consoles, Resistance 3, never finished Infamous, the Ninja Gaiden games (on PS various generations), any of the Dead Space games.
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    I haven't even heard of some of those PC games much less be ashamed to not play them.

    Also is there shame in not finishing Ninja Gaiden? That shit is hard.
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    As a PC gamer and RTS nerd, I feel shame in those games (CoH and Homeworld are two of the best ever). I feel like I never gave the new Ninja Gaiden games a chance, but the little I played yeah they were really fucking hard.
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    I need to play Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice
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