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Discussion in 'Video Game and Fantasy Football Board' started by CUtigers, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. CUtigers

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    There's about 5 different game threads with people talking about different headsets and controllers. Figured I'd start a thread where we can talk about it. Right now I'm thinking of getting a scuf or Nacon controller. Not sure how well the joysticks hold up on the Nacon
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  2. Baron

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    Team looking for a headset for xbox checking in. Are there ones that are compatible with PC and Xbox/console?
  3. Petito

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    Baron if you buy this and this ... you can buy any headset you want and it'll be compatible with xbox
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  4. swiggs

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    I've heard scuffs can be great when they work but can break pretty easily, never personally had one because of that
  5. Randy Bobandi

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    I got some Astro A10s for pretty cheap ~$50 and they are great.
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