Gary Speed R.I.P.

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  1. Jay Jay Okocha


    Manager of Wales. Absolute legend of the game playing for numerous clubs.

    He was just on Football Focus on the BBC yesterday.

  2. Wu

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    Apparently hung himself.

  3. broXcore

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  4. tne

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    really sad, depression is no joke, it is a shame that more people don't take it seriously
  5. Andy Reocho

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    RIP Gary. Sad, sad stuff.
  6. Jay Jay Okocha


    The video of him on YouTube from Football Focus yesterday is chilling, he seems happy and all the people on the show said how happy he seemed. Robbie Savage was talking to him yesterday and says the same. Who knows what happened...
  7. Corky Bucek

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    wow that's terrible. I remember having him on some fantasy squads only a few years ago.
  8. IronLung

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    anyone believe the rumors that he learned something was about to come out about his personal life?
  9. Jay Jay Okocha


    With the UK Red Tops no. They are gutter media and have been for years, they fuck people's private lives up and you'd think with the Phone Hacking stuff going on they'd ease up on this rubbish. If they hand any part in this then I hope they are obliterated.

    That said he could have suffered from depression and had a visit from the black dog.
  10. tne

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    or it could have been Sirius and he made a massive mistake by killing himself
  11. Jay Jay Okocha