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  1. Krieger

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    Anybody have any theories? Ive read sailor's wife theories, he could reappear there. Maybe the Victarion storyline.

    Would be kind of cool if he came into the story. Would be an opportunity to hear more about Valyria.
  2. Hayden Fry

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    No theories but GRRM is a gardener. He plants the seed to give it time to grow.

    Doesn't mean we will ever hear from that character but hes amazing at mentioning a name 2 books prior and proof they appear. Definitely see this playing out where Gerion Lannisters fate jumps back into the story. Too many Lannisters have died. I really dont see who is left to lead or capable of doing so.

    Quaithe tells Khaleesi "To go north, you must journey south, to reach the west you must go east. To go forward you must go back and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow"

    I firmly believe for Dany to make it back to Westeros she needs to retrace the steps of Aegon the Conqueror and the Targaryens. Aegon was the holder of drgaons and held the westernmost outpost(Dragonstone) of old Volantis. She will begin the story by going through her family origins of Valyria to learn the lost secrets. She will have to defeat the seperatist Dothraki. Then she will have to reconquer the 6 kingdoms that Aegon conquered with the exception of Dorne, the one kingdom that never was forced to bend the knee and keep some form or autonomy.. Because of this Dorne will raise their army in support of Khaleesi. Gerion will turn up in Valyria. I bet there was a reason why Gerion never came back either. I think we might find a Lannister that didnt see eye to eye with Tywin.

    God I love this series.
  3. Snakes

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    Yeah, no way Dany accomplishes all that in two books.
  4. Hayden Fry

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    Well I dont expect her to do it exactly like Aegon The whole idea is conquering westeros as a whole as opposed to each "Kingdom" by piecemeal. From what I have heard book 6 and 7 are going to happen over a much longer period of time.

    Aegon and Connington made it over to Westeros pretty quickly. I could see Dany getting it done in a couple books. I kind of expect the series to go 8 though. Dany is definitely going to unlock some of the secrets of Valyria on her way toward westeros. Too much has been made of the lost secrets throughout the series to leave that cliffhanger.
  5. three stacks

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    i really doubt we see gerrion. way too many characters to introduce another huge one like that.
  6. Krieger

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    i doubt hell ever be able to really get into a valyrian storyline but i would love to see like a tale of dunk and eggs type sidestory in valyria. or anything really.

    no way it actually happens though
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  7. Hayden Fry

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    I keep coming back to the idea that some Lannister has to survive for Casterly Rock. Jamie is never going to be the Castellan nor is Tyrion. Cersei is gonna die. Kevan and Tywin are gone. Who else unless you guys think the line ends?
  8. Snakes

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    I wouldn't rule out GRRM prolonging the ending to 8 or 9 books.
  9. pennstate2012

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    I could see Tyrion helping Dany then Gerion could end up helping both of them.
  10. Lawnole23

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    The problem with Dany doing all of that is it would require around 30,000 pages of manuscript of Dany also sitting around doing jack shit and pondering on what it means to be a ruler and how she misses her sun and stars. There are 30 pages of inconsequential boring shit to 1 page of important stuff in her chapters.
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  11. Snakes

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    The Dany plotline has already deviated a lot from the plot. They will figure something out for her to do in Mureen besides sitting around holding court and fantasizing about fucking her sellsword.
  12. DelapThrows

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    Disagree... I could same Jaime surviving and becoming Castellan/Lord. I'm really intrigued to see where this Brienne thing leads. What becomes of her? I'm fairly certain she won't die.