Greg Iles - Natchez Burning Trilogy

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    Greg Iles a few years ago starting writing around a central character, Penn Cage. He's a former DA in Houston who moved home to Natchez and would ultimately practice law and become Mayor of his old hometown.

    Greg then created a story around Penn and his father and penned Natchez Burning. I didn't know it when I first picked up NB that it would be book 1 of a trilogy that he planned. That may have been common knowledge but I just read it because I had been enjoying the Penn Cage books.

    The book ended with a no-doubter cliffhanger and so I knew the next book - The Bone Tree would be a sequel. I learned during the reading of this book that there would be a final book - Unwritten Laws - which would complete the series and it currently unwritten (per Greg's website).

    Amazon has picked up the screen rights to Natchez Burning and with a group led by some of the Friday Night Lights show runners and Tobey Maguire - looks like it will make it to a screen of some sort.

    Guys, this is an amazing series - I highly recommend it. It's a novel about buried secrets, fathers and sons, and the Jim Crow South and the Bone Tree took the series into a historically factual area I just didn't expect and was really fun.

    Highly recommended
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    Started the Penn Cage series this summer. It's been great. I love these books

    Im Halfway through the last book, Mississippi Burning

    My only complaint is Iles better have a great reason why Quentin isnt telling Penn about his defense strategy. I cant see a reason not to. Right now it feels like a cheap plot device to build tension. I trust this will pay off, but goddam it's annoying right now lol.
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