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  1. Darko the Snowman

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    I have Andre Johnson (obv keep), Larry Fitzgerald, and Frank Gore.

    I got Fitz in the first, Johnson in the second, and Gore in the third.

    Im thinking that I will keep Gore and could possibly pick up Fitzgerald again in the first, or get someone like Michael Turner or Reggie Wayne.

    Its a points per reception league. So thats one of the main reasons Im thinking of keeping Fitz and Johnson. What say you?
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    I would say with Boldin gone, Fitz's passes thrown too are going to go up. Breaston is a good possession receiver, but I think Leinhart is going to look at Fitz more than he does Breaston. Leinhart isn't half as good as Warner was, so you could also see a dip. That's a tough one. Thinking a bit more about it, Leinhart could throw to Fitz 60% of the time and probably still not equal Fitz's production from Warner with Boldin and Breaston in the lineup.

    Crap shoot?

    Who are your current RB's past Gore? How many teams? What is your draft order if you don't keep?
  3. goast55

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    I'd keep Johnson and Gore and possibly pick up someone else that gets thrown back in, maybe a Rice or a Turner, which will give you a stud receiver in johnson, and two solid rb's to start every week. I just wouldn't give up a 1st round pick again considering Arizona is going to be running the ball a lot more with Leinhert.