IDKIAP: BBC report on Bradley's future

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    not sure how accurate this is considering it says its a BBC "prediction"

    Team USA soccer coach Bob Bradley's contract is set to be extended, the BBC reported Friday.

    Bradley led the team to the round of 16 in the recent World Cup in South Africa.

    His squad struggled at the start of nearly every game, though they pulled it together several times to score last minute goals.

    The U.S. Soccer Federation said no final decision had been made, although the BBC predicted Friday that Bradley will be offered an extension to his current contract.

    Bradley is no longer a candidate to take over English Premier League club Fulham, the report added, making it likely that he will extend his stint in charge of Team USA.
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    Goddamnit Sunil, why couldn't you just run a 7-11 or Quickie Mart like all your other people.
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    that's just speculation by the BBC based off rumors from an American blogger iirc.
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    Don't they realize that the only shit we did the entire tournament was

    1. Score a fluke goal because the English keeper made a mistake that would never happen again?
    2. Draw Slovenia after going down 0-2?
    3. Score a MIRACLE goal in the last minute to even advance to the next round?

    Had we drew Algeria instead of lost we would have been 3rd in the easiest group in the entire tournament
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    It is clear the US fed do not want to pay more than pennies on the dollar for a coach.
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    this man would take a pay cut to be our coach I feel