Ireland would have been a better representative in the WC by a long shot.

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by Chipper>Jeter, Jun 22, 2010.

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    They might not have won but they wouldn't have laid down like a bunch of pussy bitches.
  2. eric cantona

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    true, but its also fun to see the french pussy out in front of the entire world. do feel bad for the irish still.
  3. RoyalShocker

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    Favorite part is knowing that Gourcuff feels miserable tonight. Faggit left Milan because he was worried about his WC spot.
  4. Principal McVicker

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    I feel bad for Blanc. He doesn't need to be walking into this.
  5. Wicket

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    I disagree, he has the best position possible to walk into.

    Nobody will doubt his selection policy and he is bound to perform better than this. On top of that he has almost a carte blanche to kick any player he doesnt like the attitude of to the curb.