ITT: TMB helps a kid on a date with Kristen Dalton (Miss USA)

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    As a former camp counselor at a ridiculously wealthy camp, I get all sorts of text messages from campers telling me about their rich people shit. "Taking the Yacht to the Mets game", "My family lost $500mm in the Bernie Madoff scandal", and "Just flew to India for 3 weeks" are things that I'm used to receiving.

    Well, today 15-year old kid texts me, "You'll never guess what I am doing tonight."

    I jokingly say, "Going on a date with Heather Graham," forgetting that his granddad owns the New York Mets, so he actually has the power to make things like this happen.

    He says: "Close, a date with Kristen Dalton."

    His dad won a date with Miss USA for him at an auction (sweet gift, pops). Cool 15-year old kid, but completely overmatched here (I think, but he does own the f-ing Mets). He now wants advice on how to handle the situation.

    What says the board? :americafuckyeah:

    Oh yeah, Dalton:


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    LOL Wrongforum. :facepalm: