John Steinbeck

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  1. TC

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    Big fan, any others on here? I've read 6 or so of his books since college. On a trip right now and brought along "travels with Charley" to read, digging it

    My top 3 would prob be grapes of wrath, east of eden, cannery row though the first two are basically interchangeable
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  2. Cousin Eddie

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    I realty like Of Mice and Men. "A guy needs somebody."

    I thought grapes was just ok. I read it in high school the same summer I read slaughterhouse 5 and Heart of Darkness. Those are two of my favorites so grapes may have just seemed meh by comparison.
  3. bryix

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    The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are two of my favorite books.
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  4. The Blackfish

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    I too am team GoW & EoE
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  5. Iron Mickey

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    Very much dislike Steinbeck, but haven't read him in years. Might be time for a 30s take instead of a teenage take.
  6. Voodoo

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    I’m about 130 pages into East of Eden.

    My god I hate Cathy Ames more than I remember hating Joffrey or Ramsay in ASOIAF.
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  7. TC

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    Been quite a while since reading, but as I recall there’s basically something every other page that makes you go “holy fuck.”

    Back in the day when this was a tv miniseries the tagline was “She broke every law of man...and God.”
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  8. tjsblue

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    Cannery Row is great. Travels with Charley is good stuff too. Both randoms I really liked. Read Cannery Row after visiting Carmel.
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  9. stringmusic24

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    Steinbeck is an all-time American great. He's in the same echelon or maybe right behind Hemingway and McCarthy IMO.
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  10. Voodoo

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    Just finished East of Eden. I don’t read nearly as many books as the rest of you, but it’s easily in my top 5. Probably top 3.
  11. Tangman

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    I've never read it but will remedy that soon.
  12. Bo Pelinis

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    Ya’ll should The Winter of our Discontent
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