Neven Subotic the Rapist?

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    DORTMUND, Germany (AP)—German authorities have begun a sexual assault investigation against Borussia Dortmund defender Neven Subotic.
    The state prosecutor’s office in Dortmund says Subotic and three others are under investigation after a 21-year-old woman filed a complaint saying she was the victim of sexual assault following a private party at the Serbian’s residence.

    Subotic recently returned from two months out because of facial fractures. He won the Bundesliga title with Dortmund last season.
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    News Headline:

    Neven Subotic can add another title to his already impressive resume- Rapist
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    typical USF trash

    oh and I want a USF icon
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    when you turn your back on :americafuckyeah: there's no telling what you're capable of
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    When asked about the accusation, Subotic replied "I am so not a raper"
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    Damn, just picked him up in FIFA.
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    why do you hate america so much?