No New POVs and existing ones will decline [spoilers all]

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    1000th commander is going to be zombie Jon
  2. Babou

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    Yep, and if not Winterfell somewhere in the north.

    Wasn't the last book going to be called A Time for Wolves originally?
  3. Jesse Palmer

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    Him and his cunt sister are dieing together.
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    Jamie is one of the characters that has grown on me the most throughout the series. He gets the raw end of every deal and never gets credit for anything. I hope he has a chance for redemption.
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    Gotta disagree. When Jon is reborn through Mellisandre as Azzhor Ashai, He will be free from his oath to the Watch. He served until death. Once rearisen, he is done with his black watch oath.

    Gotta stick with the Jaime 1000th Lord Commander. Go from the White Cloak to the Black Cloak.

    The story has been built entirely around the idea that being a member of the Kingsguard aka "White Cloaks", was honorable and for honorable men. Throughout the story, the only honorable member has been Ser Barristan Selmy. I guess you could make a case for Aerys Oakheart as well but he gets got. the rest have been cravens and turncloaks since King Aerys was got by the Kingslayer. Likewise The Black Cloaks of the Nights Watch have been continuously referred to as criminals and unwanted. How very few lords took to the black any more. With the Long Night coming, Honor is going ot have to come back to the Black. Jaime is the one that will take care of this. I just dont see Jaime dying with Cersei. Jaime has grown significantly as a character while Cersei has festered continuously. GrrM would be doing Jaime a disservice to have him go with Cersei. Hes better than that.
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    You never know with GRRM but I don't think he made Jamie changes so much as a character and be disgusted with Cersei at this point to have him simply die. I think he has a chance to redeem himself in a big way and if he's going to die it's going to be in an honorable way. I'm buying into the 1000th LC idea.
  7. LT8

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    Would be fucking awesome if Jaime started running shit on the Wall.
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    I just want the next freaking book to come out. I'll have plenty of time for rereads of this and WoT over the next few months.