Official UEFA championship thread.

Discussion in 'Soccer Board' started by CreepinCane, May 27, 2009.

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    1. Italy is the current world cup champion, you must have meant euro champ.

    2. Barca sucks allot that they just won the champions league.

    but go ahead and keep making yourself look like a fucking idiot. :box:
  2. RoyalShocker

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    Probably one of the most retarded posts in the very young history of The Mainboard.

    The Azzurri are Campioni Del Mundo.
  3. UNCBluBlood

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    Well I sure will :prawl:to that!!!!
  4. GT Nole

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    just watched it on DVR. Barca was brilliant but good lord that was an awful game for almost every player on Man U. I know the champs deserve a lot of credit for making them look bad, but I can't remember when I saw Rooney, Giggs, Carrick, and Vidic all look so useless in the same game (Park on the other hand was just as useless as I expected). Ronaldo deserves to get called out for being a punk but he was also one of the only Man U players who looked like he belonged on the same field as Barcelona.