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Discussion in 'TMB Book Club' started by Iron Mickey, May 16, 2017.

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    Also Iron started Raven Strategem yet? I'm rereading NG before I pick it up(NG is sooo much better on the reread even though I enjoyed the first go round tremendously). Really interested to see all the questions I have eventually(hopefully) get answered.
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    It's next in my queue, but I'm also doing a re-read, so I suspect it'll be about a week before I'm through with it.
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    Wasn't sure where else to post this:

    EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has acquired John Scalzi’s modern sci-fi classic Old Man’s War to develop as an original film. The novel is the first in a best-selling six-book series and is considered to be one of the best of the genre over the past two decades, nominated for a Hugo Award. Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment will produce. Scalzi is a former President of the Science Fiction Writers of America and a three time Hugo Award winner, including for Best Novel with Redshirts in 2013.
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    This is awesome news