(Spoilers) Of those still alive, who's death would bother you the most?

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones (ASOIAF)' started by Fuzzy Zoeller, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Honor means nothing in Kings Landing, just like it does in real life politics
  2. Swt

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    Cersie is on a low right now but her and zombie mountain dude are about to wreck some shit. My money is on Sansa eventually killing her/ having her killed.
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    Any of the remaining dire wolves, maybe minus shaggy dog.
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    Ned screwed Ned. Stop trying to blame a little girl.

    Arya is the character that will upset me most if she dies
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  5. Artoo

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    This, plus Sansa was always told she was such a beautiful girl and Arya was told she's ugly. I mean, it's not like this difference in siblings is anything unprecidented. You can see it in families everywhere in real life. One sibling is "perfect" and one is "a fuck up".

    Also, I think the William/Harry comparison is a really good one. William has always been a good boy and is being groomed to be a King someday while Harry demands to serve time in Afghanistan and play the role of "just another soldier".
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    And caught nude in Las Vegas.
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