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Discussion in 'TV Board' started by killerwvu, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Anyone else watch this? Comedy about a fictional big box retailer (wal mart)

    Idk maybe it's just me, but I enjoy it. Probably because I worked retail while I was in school and can relate
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  2. bomftdrum

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    I actually enjoy it. My wife is meh about it, but I find it pretty funny. I worked retail years ago as well, so maybe that is why.
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  3. Season 2 started up this week and NBC has ordered 9 additional episodes for a full 22-episode season 2!
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    It's on my DVR, I probably will watch it tonight.

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    America ferrera should have stayed chubby.
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  7. Returns Thursday
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    My wife started watching it and it surprisingly didn't suck.
  9. I found it can be quite funny at times. I think the cast has good chemistry and it's large enough to have a lot of variety in characters but not so large where some characters are largely forgotten about (like The Walking Dead, for example).
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  10. I have enjoyed this season very much. This week's scene with Jonah and Amy getting all the free stuff at the convention was delightful.
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  11. bomftdrum

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    I still enjoy the show a lot. Didn't think anyone still watched on here, though.
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  12. racer

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    I wait for Friday to watch it on the nbc app
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  13. lfriend

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    I watch this
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  14. Jonah this week was so cringeworthy
  15. racer

    racer Forecheck, Backcheck, Paycheck, buddy.
    Iowa HawkeyesKansas City ChiefsVegas Golden KnightsArizona Hotshots

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  16. Well was not expecting that this week with Mateo.
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  17. And the song to end the season is amazing.