The Left: Robespierre did nothing wrong

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    If NBA owners can amnesty shitty deals they make then Americans should be able to amnesty shitty debt they signed on to.
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    That would make the line go down
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    If NBA owners can have tax payers pay for arenas I think it’s appropriate that I demand my own arena
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    Big corps and Marxism. Like PB and J
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    :pffft: :roll:
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    maybe he’ll transport himself under a moving bus. get fucked.
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    whose man is this

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    i can admire that level of class solidarity
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    She’s got nice bobs
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    3. In 2008, before he was elected, Obama lobbied on behalf of the bailouts. He promised then-Rep. Donna Edwards that if she voted for it, he would work to write off mortgage debt by changing bankruptcy laws. He was lying, his policy team had already dismissed that option.

    4. The Obama administration orchestrated a foreclosure crisis, and lied about their policy choice. To this day they will not admit it. Tim Geithner is the only honest one who did so, when he obliquely said their foreclosure mitigation programs were done to help banks.

    5. In many ways, Obama himself isn't totally at fault. There was an intellectual choice going back decades in progressive politics to ignore private power. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, for instance, was the most supportive caucus in Congress for bailouts.

    6. In virtually every area, with a few exceptions, policy shifted wealth and power upwards. To pick one at random, Cass Sunstein blocked this rule to help miners, because Sunstein is a sociopath. It’s Time for OIRA to Go

    7. But the point of focusing on Obama is not what he did or didn't do, but about what Democratic voters and progressives allowed him to do in their name. He is beloved. If he hadn't been, there would be no way for him to shift wealth and power upwards.

    8. I wrote a book to describe this shift in our minds, in our conception of what liberty and America means. It's a pretty gruesome change, but I had to find an explanation for why we cheered offshoring and corporate crime. And by 'we' I mean progressives. Goliath

    9. Ultimately, defenses of the Obama era come down to 'well all Presidents are bad' or 'he did the best he could.' But the real defense is 'Well he was just doing what he was taught to do and what we were taught to let our leaders do in our names.' That's grim.

    10. Obama represents an entire system by which Democrats and progressives give themselves social meaning, a secular saint. It's why it's so hard to recognize our own role, and why even critics look for answers in supposed revolutionary ideologies. Don’t Blame Capitalism

    11. It's why California, land of Democrats, is badly run and voted for Prop 22. It's why Buttigieg is going to be in the cabinet and Kamala is VP. It's Obama's Democratic Party. That may change. But first it's up to us to admit the reality of what we did. And it's not pretty.

    12. Reed Hundt, an ultimate Dem insider who was FCC Chair under Clinton and helped broker key cabinet choices, wrote the definite book on how the Obama administration operated. He did a true service in writing it, but he is now persona non grata. A Crisis Wasted

    13. We don't however need the policy analysis to believe our lying eyes. Despite endless bromides on the wonder of Obamacare, we are all familiar with the Gofundme medical begging that is now a routine part of American life. That's the real legacy, not of Obama, but of all of us.

    14. Trump campaigned on the closure of the Carrier plant after this video went viral. Obama's comment on Carrier was some jobs 'are just not going to come back.'

    15. The distrust of Biden comes from the hangover from the Obama era, but until we fully admit that Obama harmed people systemically and we cheered him on, we as a political faction will remain trapped in a fantasyland of moral vanity.

    16. Last point. Obama and Democrats weren't cautious, or conservative, nor did they leave the status quo in place. They pursued radical, unthinkable change through policy passivity during a crisis. America is a much weaker nation today, as those radicals shifted power upwards.

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    Not sure if I feel pleasure or sadness from this. Mostly pleasure, I think. It’s going to be so sweet when all of the Super Tuesday candidates who laid down in the mud for Biden to stumble over get absolutely nothing for their loyalty.
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    Remember when Trotsky got murked bc of his opposition to Stalin’s big holdings and private equity firm.
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    Apologies if this is the wrong thread or you all are completely over copy/pasting from Rivals posters, but man...

    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.17.52 PM.png Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.18.06 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.18.16 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.18.34 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.18.46 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.19.22 PM.png
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    Pass that to players imo

    Let it burn.
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    "The appointment could have “devastating consequences,” said Israel Bartal, a professor of modern Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who said he would be forced to cut all contacts with Yad Vashem’s research institute after years of cooperation. “An institute headed by a person with such extreme opinions and controversial human values will never be taken seriously within the global academic community,” Mr. Bartal said.


    Mr. Eitam once compared Israel’s Arab citizens to a cancer and a “ticking bomb” and said Israel would ultimately have to expel most Palestinians from the West Bank.

    During the first Palestinian uprising in the late 1980s, when he was a brigade commander, some of his soldiers were prosecuted for beating a Palestinian man to death. The soldiers said they had beat him on the commander’s orders."

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    Never forget*

    *until you start committing the same atrocities yourself
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    Jfc, but don't you dare complain in the main thread about a person who has been explicitly against progressive ideas because she doesn't really have a big role.

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    That thread is full of libs who need a xanax