The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

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    Don't know how many of still pay for ebooks, but this is one of the Amazon kindle daily deals. It's long but it's a book I highly recommend if you're interested in this stuff. The man who wrote it worked in Germany up until 1940 when he was kicked out. Then covered the war from Europe. Great insight.

    Marked down to $2 from $10 today only
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    I've been really debating on checking this one out. How does the book read? Only thing that has kept me from it is if it reads like a text book rather than a story.
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    The author was a journalist and not a historian. I think that's a big reason why it's an easier read.
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    Definitely reads like a story. I mean, there are a few slow parts but because of the size I don't think that's surprising.

    I'm also just so giddy people are posting in my thread!

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    I have this book. I only read like half of it but it's a good account.
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    It might be the nostalgia talking here but I can't think of a better history book I've ever read. I'd say it's required reading for anyone interested in World War II at least.
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    Erik Larsen's In the Garden of Beasts is a great read about the US ambassador to Germany just prior to WWII.