Tuesday 12/28 Betting Thread

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by Aeroforz1, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Aeroforz1

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    2 Bowl Games, an NFL game, and College Basketball getting into full swing. :woot:

    Some early Bball plays:

    Minnesota/Wisconsin under 127.5
    Providence/Syracuse over 154
    North Carolina/Rutgers over 138.5
    UCSB/LB State over 137.5
    Syracuse -12
    UC Irvine -10
  2. ChildPLEASE

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    Any plays or feelings on the Purdue Michigan game? o/u?
  3. Gunners

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    On a nice lil cold streak. Went up 45 units in 2 days last week and blown through around 30 of that.

    Trying 1 unit plays today

    Eagles -14
    WVU/NC State over 49- Probably dumb.
    Iowa +120- Stanzi's last game and can't get out of my head how bad Navy thumped Missouri last year in the bowl.
  4. Wendel Clark

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    These games are on 5dimes & Pinnacle. But not on Greek or Bookmaker

    World Junior Hockey Championship

    USA -3.5 -125
    Czech Republic/Canada Over 7
    Russia Pick +125
    Russia/Sweden Under 6.5 -145
  5. CC

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    Miami HurricanesLos Angeles Dodgers

    Celtics -5.5
    Magic -7.5
    Stanford -12.5
    Penguins -1.5

    And then I went with a few of Aero's picks :peekaboo:

    RJF-GUMP Daubert Qualified in Cooler Thermodynamics
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    for some reason this made me laugh
  7. Aeroforz1

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    My final card for College Hoops tonight:

    UNC/Rutgers over 141
    UC Irvine/UC Riverside over 141
    St. Bonnies/Siena under 138.5
    UC Irvine -10 (+105)
    Depaul/Cincy under 135
    UCSB/LB State over 140
    Minnesota/Wisconsin under 127
    Syracuse -12.5
    Syracuse/Providence over 154

    A little nervous about jumping back into CBB with this much especially when I've been running good the last few days but you have to trust the guys who are winning. There's one guy on the RX who I have been following who is like 70% for the season so far but I've decided to drop his plays for the time being because I think eventually he's going to come back down to earth and it seems like he's been hitting closer to 50% the last week.
  8. captbunch

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    Did WV forget how to play offense??
  9. bigc

    bigc New Member

    Had the Eagles closing out a 4 game teaser at -1 but my stupid fucking website cancelled the bet.

  10. Aeroforz1

    Aeroforz1 Well-Known Member
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    3 unders at 7:00 go for 60, 61, and 62 points in the 1st half respectively. All 3 on pace for 75+ in the 2nd half. :facepalm:
  11. Aeroforz1

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    :loldog: I fucking quit.

    Wisconsin makes 2 FT's with 2 seconds left to take that game over and then 2 minutes later Cincinnati shoots it with 20 seconds left when they could have just held the ball to take that game over.

    Fuck this bullshit.
  12. bigc

    bigc New Member

    May be a good thing. 17-7 Vikes.
  13. captbunch

    captbunch Fan of: Texas Tech, Texas Rangers
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    God I hate rooting for Unders.....