week 6 teaser

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by MJRuff01, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. MJRuff01

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    Oregon -39
    Utah -2
    Alabama -2

    pays +315

    On their own Stanford -8 and Oregon -34.5 look good.
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    Could you post the week 6 lines or provide a link. My books don't have em up yet. TIA.
  3. Handcuffed

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    i dont get what vegas is doing with oregon-wazzu -34.5

    average margin of victory since kelly arrived is 47. lost to a bad usc team by 40-something and to oklahoma state by 50 something.
  4. MJRuff01

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    Makes no sense. Especially when you consider that in PAC-10 play road rosters are limited so that you can't bring a bunch of walk-on's to play. They just gave up over 400 rushing yards to ucla. Only thing that they are looking at is a trend of playing a weak road opponent after a big time hyped game, betting on a letdown. Oregon hammers shitty teams more so than anyone else in the country.
  5. MJRuff01

    MJRuff01 Well-Known Member

    Oregon is now -36 and Stanford -9.5
  6. Irish226

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    I am guessing Oregon is supposed to be -29 in your teaser? That being said, I think that looks like a pretty good parlay without the teaser. I hardly ever play teasers in CFB, because I think there isnt a whole lot of value with all the points that are scored, save them for the NFL. Good luck
  7. MJRuff01

    MJRuff01 Well-Known Member

    Stanford is now -10. I just put a monely line bet on USC at +320. We should not win, but I have a feeling we are going to win.
  8. love usc +16 and florida -.5 in a two-game

    also like uf and mississippi state -1