What Bowls do you guys like early?

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by Diesel51, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Diesel51

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    Some that stand out to me are:

    Oregon -6
    Houston -5.5
    Boise State -13
    Baylor -9
  2. captbunch

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    Oregon..fading UH and Baylor
  3. Heavy Mental

    Heavy Mental non serviam

    SCAR -1 against Nebraska. I just think that Souf Cak will murder us...feel like I'm missing something with that line.
  4. Diesel51

    Diesel51 Active Member
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    I'd also look at under 48 for the ND/FSU game. Both offenses have been pretty bad and both defenses have been great all year.
  5. TLAU

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    Iowa +16 with a penny on the ML.

    Clemson -3
  6. Clubber Lang

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    Does nebraska have a passing game to go with its run game? Their D struggled with running QB's this past season.

    For stuff like totals, anyone else checking when games are played if there are multiple bowls played outside on grass in the same stadium? Thinking back to the Miami-Wisconsin bowl game where they played on a destroyed UCF field.
  7. Heavy Mental

    Heavy Mental non serviam

    Our passing game is average at best. I have little confidence in T-Mart as a passing QB. If SCAR makes us one-dimensional by making him throw to beat them, I think it could get ugly.

    On D, we really struggle with running QBs generally. Braxton Miller from OSU would've beaten us had he not gotten injured by Lavonte David. Persa/Colter from Northwestern also had good days against the 'skers.
  8. King_Of_Expo_Park

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    already got

    OK St
    Iowa St

    don't remember all the lines, will check when I get a chance.
  9. TLAU

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    figured I would throw out a 12 game bowl parlay to try and get lucky. worth taking a shot that I can pick 12 of the 32 games right... why not. Lines from 5Dimes, multiple points bought on some lines, odds for these are in parenthesis by the line

    $10 to win $5800

    Utah St ml (-122)
    TCU -6.5 (-200)
    Boise -13 (-130)
    Baylor -6.5 (-170)
    Tulsa +3.5 (-140)
    Iowa +15.5 (-150)
    NWestern +11.5 (-140)
    Penn State +7.5 (-160)
    SCarolina ml (-135)
    Wisconsin +7.5 (-150)
    Clemson -2.5 (-140)
    LSU ml (-110)

    Like ever single one of these games
  10. Wendel Clark

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    Love Lafayette tomorrow