What do you guys think about this bet?

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by fgrauzer, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. fgrauzer

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    TMB OG

    10 point 3 team teaser

    UNLV +3 at home vs. Hawaii.
    ND - 1 at home vs Michigan St.
    UCLA -1.5 at home vs. Kansas St
  2. gators415

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    Looks good but wit 10 teasers it has to do wit risk and reward is it worth it ..they dont pay out well
  3. fgrauzer

    fgrauzer New Member
    TMB OG

    yeah they pay -120...... I had a little bit of money left over in my online sportsbook (I use a bookie now) and I was hungry for some action and to try something different.
  4. MBKRogers

    MBKRogers New Member

    Stop teasing college football

    Never use 10 point teasers unless you pass 3 and 7 and 10. Never tease through 0.
  5. MagGator

    MagGator New Member

    Iv heard you say this before, but I forget the reasoning behind it? I know a teaser in the NFL is a great tool, but its not in college bc teams dont just try and win a game, they go for style points?
  6. King_Of_Expo_Park

    King_Of_Expo_Park Well-Known Member

    I think it has more to do with the nature of the game/league....that is, 3 points is a HUGE number in the NFL...kind of important in CFB...but HUGE in the NFL (other numbers are key as well...again more so in the NFL)...Also, points in general are at a higher premium so the value of "buying" some in a teaser is increased...that is, the chances that your teaser wins where a parlay of the same teams would have lost is greater in the NFL......and teasing through zero is absolutely dreadful..

    *edit: I wouldn't go so far as to say a teaser is a great tool....unless from the POV of the book...I honestly don't know why people mess with them..
  7. MBKRogers

    MBKRogers New Member

    Because there are reasons books offer teasers. You are mathematically fucked playing them. You might win one, but I guarantee you you can't win betting 32 (2 per week) of these.

    A few are beatable but ONLY if used for the express purpose of passing key numbers (3, 7).

    For instance, this weekend I played

    San Diego -2.5 Carolina +8.5
    San Diego -2.5 Indianapolis -1
    San Diego -2.5 Seattle -1.5
    Carolina +8.5 Indianapolis -1
    Carolina +8.5 Seattle -1.5
    Indianapolis -1 Seattle -1.5

    6 point teasers, all at +100 (not -110, because at -110 they are a losing proposition).