What you think of these games

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by zscharps, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. zscharps

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    FSU clemson over 57 1/2 Really like this one. Clemson will likely score 35+
    OU -4 1/2 @ UNL
    Texas UCF over 49
    LSU @ Bama -7 1/2
    aTm -3 @ CU
  2. dblplay1212

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    Hadn't thought about FSU/Clemson, but yea, I'd say over there. Clemson can score, and FSU can't stop anyone. Clemson has a good defense, but FSU has a good offense and will score.

    Can't decide on OU/Neb

    Like over in the Texas game, too. Texas might score that by themselves.

    Not touching Bama game. These games come down to the wire.

    Will never bet on or against aTm again in my life.
  3. Fcbarcelona

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    :laugh: I'm sorry Dbl.