What's everyone reading on?

Discussion in 'TMB Book Club' started by laxjoe, Jun 1, 2015.


What is your preferred method of reading

  1. Kindle or other eReader

  2. Tablet (Kindle Fire, ipad)

  3. Hardcover or paperback

  4. Audio

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. laxjoe

    laxjoe Well-Known Member
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    I read most of my books right now on my tablet, just because that's what I have on hand most of the time. But I was visiting my parents a few weeks ago and my mom had the hardcover version of a book I was reading and I read that instead, and it reminded me how much I really do like having a physical book to read.

    What are most people in here using?
  2. One Knight

    One Knight Waiting for the other shoe to drop
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    I use my phone most of the time, because its easier to have on me than a book.
    All things being equal, I prefer a real book, but that's almost never practical for me these days.
  3. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish The Fish in Black
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    I usually read two books at a time. One on my kindle paperwhite and the other on audiobook for my commute to and from work. Voted both ereader and audio.
  4. lhprop1

    lhprop1 Fullsterkur
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    Call me old school, but I refuse to read anything on an e-reader. I like the feel of holding a book and mindlessly thumbing the pages while I'm reading. I also love the 'new book' smell. I like going to the library and browsing through the stacks.

    Also, my 3 year old knows how to operate my wife's Kindle while, try as I may, I can't even figure out how to turn it on.
  5. Boner_Jihad

    Boner_Jihad "Do you like hurting people?"

    I'm still a staunch advocate of buying books in print but with the advent of e-readers and so many free books being tossed out on a daily and my desire to read 'em all that interests me in the least, I've had to amend my stance on only reading print.

    So I buy print copies of books I know that I'll like and want to keep around and pass on to my unborn children or a close avid reader of some sort and save electronic books for freebies, one off reads and popular shit that I don't want to have physical copies of (Game of Thrones, 50 Shades of Grey etc..)
    Plus I like having books displayed on bookshelves like nostalgic trophies and conversation starters. Call me pretentious when it comes to that sort, but fuck it, we are all free to do as we like with our vices as long as the detritus doesn't spill out onto anyone else's carpet, innit?
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  6. RegimentML

    RegimentML Well-Known Member
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    I prefer print books just because I like to fill bookshelves and see all the different series I've collected. It's almost sort of a hobby collection.
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  7. Neyland

    Neyland Well-Known Member

    nothing will ever beat print books.
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  8. The Blackfish

    The Blackfish The Fish in Black
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    I love print books but now I just collect them. I will buy one that I love, get a first edition in good condition preferably autographed, then put them on my bookshelf and read the ebook.