Who else has gotten drubbed today?

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by SCGator, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. SCGator

    SCGator Well-Known Member

    Misery loves company. Stanford, North Carolina, and Virginia(last I checked). Didn't like my bets tonight nearly as much as todays either.
  2. MBKRogers

    MBKRogers New Member

    22-11, up big.

    Glad to see the public suckers taking it in the shorts after they made out well last week.
  3. SCGator

    SCGator Well-Known Member

    I'm honestly glad for you MBKR. I'll stay smart with my money and get there one day.
  4. MBKRogers

    MBKRogers New Member

    it ebbs and flows SCG. Every year you learn a bit more, and some of the best years are losing ones when you know what to look for.
  5. Swt

    Swt Well-Known Member
    TMB OG

    Im gonna be in here Ive got a feeling
  6. ddseli

    ddseli western webel
    Donor TMB OG

    i have so far, I have air force and ohio state and I am praying I cover one... might throw some on utah later
  7. SCGator

    SCGator Well-Known Member

    So, didn't hit on a fucking thing yesterday. Worst weekend I've ever had. I am excellent fade material right now! Only took two ML yesterday, Ohio St and South Carolina. The only two teams I took that covered the mother fuckin spread, and I took the moneyline. I'll be interested to see how my season long thread's views increase. Damn good fade material right here fellas!
  8. gotyacovered

    gotyacovered New Member

    i had...

    notre dame

    texas tech

    am a 50%er dont know what happened.

    i left off several bets that i wasnt sure about... auburn, byu, minn, vandy, kansas, cowboys... that i wish i would have put in... for the most part i laid off the mostly winners.

    pushed giants and have green bay and the over tonight...