Wisconsin 2 PT conversion Conspiracy???

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by bigc, Oct 13, 2010.

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    Something a guy just said on Finebaum got me thinking about this. F'baum jokingly asked a Buckeye fan if Wisconsin was going to go for 2 this weekend. The guy replied "only if the over is in question"

    The over/under in the WIS/MINN game was 58.5
    When Wisconsin scored in the 4th with 6:39 left, that made the score 41-16 (57 points)
    As we all know they went for 2 and failed.
    Minnesota then came right back down the field and scored with 5:01 left to get the over

    But I looked back even before this...
    Wisconsin scored with 11:55 left in the 4th to make it 35-9
    Minnesota then scored at 11:11 left in the 4th to make it 35-16 (really fast)

    So.....Did the Wisconsin coaches and players all pool their money and take the over????

    Probably not but I enjoyed researching that.
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    I'd like to know why early money is on Wisky this week. Ok I know they play us tough but this is the best offense Tressel has had with another great defense. I think we beat them by 2 scores. Don't think I'm being homer either. I know Camp Randall is tough but we're ready.