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    Robbie Rogers got his Work Permit and his signing with Leeds is now official.

    Ream is still waiting to hear about his work permit.
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    DaMarcus Beasley has complained to the club that the policia are extorting money from him. With this and the club's holdings being seized, I'm not sure how much longer he'll be in Mexico.
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    Dempsey has 2 goals so far today against Newcastle. He has 20 minutes left to try for his 2nd hat trick of the season
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    his first was a deflection off the goalie that just hit him and went in. the 2nd was was really impressive
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    Howard missed a punch which led to Blackburn equalizing.
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    why didn't they put Dempsey on the spot to go for the trick??? :angry:
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    He got it!!! Second hat trick in 3 weeks

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    Zak Whitbread played really well for Norwich today. Don't know anything about him but looks to have talent.
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    he should probably get a call up soon
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    hell fuckin' yes!!
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    Edu also scored for Rangers
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    The chances of Whitbread getting hurt before the Italy game is probably 100% unfortunately.
  15. snowfx2

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    Dempsey and Whitbread both made Soccernet's EPL team of the week
  16. snowfx2

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    Ream got his work permit
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    Video of Johnson's goal today please
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    neat finish
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    Yanks Abroad: Gyau Set for Hoffenheim Debut


    2:04 p.m. Update

    On Saturday, Joe Gyau was on the bench for Hoffenheim in its 3-1 loss to Borussia Dortmund, but did not play. One of Hoffenheim’s other American players, Fabian Johnson, scored his team’s only goal.
    As one of the top young American prospects in Europe, Joe Gyau has emerged from the Bundesliga winter break to be part of Hoffenheim’s push to qualify for European play.
    Gyau, 19, began taking the initial steps last summer when he was invited to train with Hoffenheim’s first team during its preseason. While Gyau did play in some friendlies for the club, he was not part of the team’s plans for the first half of the season.
    During the fall he played extensively with Hoffenheim’s under-23 team but during the winter break he received a call that he would resume training with the first team in preparations for the start of the second half of the year.
    “I was called into the first team during the preseason last summer,” Gyau said of his progress. “I did well and the coaching staff kind of knew me from then on. They were tracking me with my games for the reserve team. Come the winter time, they called me and told me they wanted me to train with them. I came back and I showed well again.”

    The hard work paid off in the week leading up to Hoffenheim’s first game after the break when Coach Holger Stanislawski posted the 18-man match day roster and Gyau’s name was included.
    Stanislawski had told Gyau earlier in the week that he was impressed with the young American’s training sessions recently. But when Gyau saw his name on the lineup, he was still surprised.
    “When I first found out that I made the 18-man roster it was right after training and they put the list up,” Gyau said. “Some of the team regulars were looking at it like it was no big deal for them. I looked at the list and saw my name there and I tried not to react too hard. But inside I was really excited. Going to the game with the packed stadium was just great.”
    In an interesting turn of events, Gyau should have made his debut in the game against Hannover. With the score tied, 0-0, in the 89th minute, Stanislawski went over to Gyau and told him that he was going to enter the game as the team’s final substitution.
    Gyau sprinted over to the fourth official to report but unfortunately there was a problem getting Gyau’s number onto the display board. As soon as they fixed the problem, the final whistle had been blown.
    [​IMG]USsoccerJoe Gyau hopes to be part of the U.S. under-23 team for the London Olympics this summer.
    “I was standing there for two minutes but the guy with the monitor had a hard time getting my number up on the board,” Gyau said. “Finally once he got it up, my name came up on the big screen and then the ref blew the whistle. I wasn’t too disappointed because it was still a great opportunity. I’m still just looking forward to the next time.”
    Gyau’s next opportunity may come Saturday when Hoffenheim visits defending champions Borussia Dortmund. Gyau is going to travel with the team and could play.
    Gyau was nervous leading up to the match against Hannover and will likely be nervous again in Dortmund where 80,000 people are expected to attend.
    “It’s a feeling you can’t really explain,” Gyau said of being with the first team. “You have butterflies when you’re rolling up to the stadium. But then once you get on the field and you’re warming up with the ball, then you kind of calm down because this is the moment you’ve been training for. There’s no need to be nervous. When I was getting ready to come on, I was just really excited to show what Americans can do in Germany.”
    Gyau’s promotion to the first team at Hoffenheim is significant in that it means he is now the third American on the Bundesliga club. He joins the German-born Americans Fabian Johnson and Danny Williams who both made their U.S. national team debuts in the fall under Coach Jurgen Klinsmann.
    It is a unique situation for a club in one of the top leagues in Europe to have three Americans on the roster at one time. The only top tier clubs in recent times to have that number of Americans are Fulham and Everton (who faced each other Friday in an F.A. Cup fourth round match).
    Gyau does indeed feel there is a camaraderie among the three and he looks up to the other two who have been established with the club since the start of the season.
    “Three Americans on one Bundesliga team is unlikely,” Gyau said. “Those two guys are really nice and they are very open to me. They know I’m American and we’re always talking. I’m always asking how they like playing with Klinsmann because I haven’t had that chance yet. But they’re always giving me advice.”
    Gyau’s goals for the rest of the season revolve around earning increased minutes for the club and eventually become a starting option.
    Known for being an extremely quick wing with the ability to take defenders on with the dribble, Gyau wants to help Hoffenheim with its goal of earning a spot in European competition next year. The club currently is in eighth place with 23 points and trails sixth place Bayer Leverkusen by six points for the final Europa League spot.
    Gyau joined Hoffenheim along with fellow American Charles Renken before the start of the 2010 season when he left the Vancouver Whitecaps academy. Hoffenheim has earned a great reputation in recent years for its ability to develop young players.
    Gyau was impressed with Hoffenheim ever since he first toured the facilities of the club.
    “If you ever come here, it’s like a paradise for a soccer player,” Gyau said. “At the training place we’re at, there are six full fields that are all heated with lights. Inside you have whirlpools, gyms, massage tables — everything you can use to become a better player. The coaching staff is great and they help each of the players individually. They have videographers for each team and they make clips for every single player. It’s amazing.”
    Hoffenheim has clearly worked hard on Gyau the past 18 months to improve his overall game and begin transforming his raw talent into a player who can become explosive on one of the highest levels. He plays mostly on the right wing for Hoffenheim but is in a position where he can shift to left wing during the course of a game.
    For Gyau, the biggest areas of improvement have come in his tactical awareness and his ability to read the game.
    “My discipline has improved a lot tactically-wise — knowing when to make a run and knowing when to anticipate the situation to stay back,” Gyau said. “As you move to a higher level, the tactics get more complicated and strenuous because you have to see what the other team is doing. We have to adjust our tactics to theirs.”
    On the international arena, Gyau is widely considered to be one of the cornerstones of the U.S. U-23 team that will attempt to qualify and push for a medal in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
    Gyau’s rise at Hoffenheim puts into question whether or not he will take part in Olympic qualifying in March since clubs are not required to release players for the CONCACAF qualifying tournament.
    Despite that, Gyau wants to play for the United States in qualifying and one of his driving sources of motivation was last year’s failure of the U-20 team to qualify for its World Cup. After an undefeated run in group play, the U.S. team’s tournament came to an abrupt and unsuccessful end in a stunning 2-1 loss to host Guatemala.
    Gyau played hurt that day but the loss of the game is something that still has left a bitter taste in his mouth. For Gyau and his teammates, qualifying for the Olympics would go a long way toward healing those wounds.
    “I still talk with Sebastian Lletget about it sometimes,” Gyau revealed. “When we were at the [U23] camp last month, we were talking about how much it hurt when the ref blew that final whistle and it was over for us. But we’re coming back extra hard right now. When qualifying rolls around, we’re not going to let anything go. We’re going to leave it all on the field.”
    It is also possible that if Gyau makes his Bundesliga debut, a call-up to the senior national team may not be far behind.
    Gyau is emotional about the thought of finally realizing his dream of making it to the national team. He even admits that a call-up to the U.S. team may mean more to him than making the senior team at Hoffenheim.
    It would also mean that he has followed in the footsteps of his father and mentor, Philip Gyau, as one of the rare father-son combinations that have played for the U.S. national team.
    “It’s great to follow in my father’s footsteps and play on the national team,” Gyau said. “He has taught me everything I know – from juggling the ball to dribbling to passing.”
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    Terrence Boyd officially makes the move from the youth prospects thread to this one

    he officially got called up to Dortmund's first team
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    Dempsey just scored to put Fulham up 1-0
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    The hair is just magnificent

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    Gyau got his 1st action with the senior team, came on in the 79th minute for Fabian in Hoffenheimerica's DFB Pokal game.
  25. El_Pato

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    Jozy got another 2 goals today.
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    about time he got his mojo back
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    How's Jozy done this year? He started off the year on fire but then I didn't hear about him for a while. Has he at least been getting consistent playing time all year?
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    He has 11 goals in all competitions so far, but his playing time the last 6 weeks has been a bit inconsistent. AZ hasn't had as much success as when Jozy's been the starter, so hopefully Verbeek leaves him as a starter. He came in as a sub today (cup match).
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    I believe it was a league game, Snow, that was postponed from the weekend because of the weather.
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    Charlie Davies will be in the 18 on Saturday for Sochaux
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    Davies just came on as a sub for Sochaux. He's got 10 minutes to find an equalizer.
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    Landon named Everton player of the month.
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    whoa, nice
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    Wonder how much they are going to miss him.
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    Ream got his 1st startin Bolton's FA Cup win over Millwall and Tim got good reviews.

    Mix got his 1st start with Gent and Robbie Rogers got a concussion in his 1st appearance with Leeds.

    Fabian Johnson started his 2nd straight game at LB for Hoffenheim, and Chandler started his 2nd straight game at RM for Nurnberg.

    Findley scored a very nice goal for Forest: http://watchsocceronline.blogspot.com/2012/02/findley-scores-in-nottingham-forests-2.html
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    Mid-Day Ticker: Chandler's club decision, Terry needs knee surgery and more

    Photo by Florian Eisele/ISIphotos.com

    Timmy Chandler has a month to make up his mind.
    That's what FC Nurnberg is reportedly telling the U.S. international fullback, who has been heavily courted by fellow Bundesliga outfit VfB Stuttgart and could secure a transfer there this summer. According to German publication Bild, Chandler must give Nurnberg a clear answer on what he wants for his future so both parties can proceed accordingly.
    Chandler's contract with Nurnberg lasts through the 2012-13 season, but he is a candidate to be sold when the transfer window re-opens should he give the indication that he's interested in departing. The club would undoubtedly want to receive something in return for him if he were to leave, making this summer -- when Chandler could be representing the United States at the Olympics -- the ideal time for a club switch.
    In terms of the prospects for next season, Stuttgart's are marginally better than Nurnberg's. Both teams are currently stuck mid-table in the Bundesliga and do not figure to factor into 2012-13 European competition. Stuttgart has 26 points through 22 matches, while Nurnberg has 25. Bayer Leverkusen, which occupies sixth place and the league's second and final UEFA Europa League spot, has 34 points.
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    2 goals for Jozy today
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    ridiculous he hasn't been starting for months
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    Rangers boss Ally McCoist in the dugout

    Monday March 5,2012

    By Scott Burns

    [​IMG] Have your say(0)

    AT least eight Rangers first-team players will be axed today – on what will go down as one of the darkest days in the 140-year history of the club.
    Manager Ally McCoist held further talks with captain Steven Davis, Lee McCulloch and Allan McGregor yesterday but they were unable to hit the £1million figure that the administrators Duff and Phelps have claimed they need to slash off the monthly wage bill.

    The Ibrox bean counters had left it up to the players to make the £1m saving, but with that failing to materialise they will now make their own cuts.

    The administrators have already compiled a list of players facing redundancy and stunned captain Davis told his dressing room that the most likely outcome is eight players will be axed with the remainder of the squad asked to take 50 per cent wage cuts.

    The list doesn’t include the sale of Matt McKay to Busan IPark or loan defender Kyle Bartley returning to Arsenal.

    It now means the likes of McCulloch, Neil Alexander, Sasa Papac, David Healy, Carlos Bocanegra and Alejandro Bedoya look set to be amongst the first victims when the cuts are made

    It now means the likes of McCulloch, Neil Alexander, Sasa Papac, David Healy, Carlos Bocanegra and Alejandro Bedoya – if he doesn’t agree a move to the MLS – look set to be amongst the first victims when the cuts are made.
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    what a clusterfuck with the Rangers!! Some of these soccer clubs are the worst fucking run organizations I have ever seen
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    Brian Sciaretta @briansciaretta
    It's official: Jonathan Spector starts and 18 yr old American Will Packwood on bench for Birmingham City in today's FA Cup game vs. Chelsea