And the new Batman is...

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Jack Parkman, May 16, 2019.

  1. lazy bum

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    Also watched last night and have it on again in the background today. Definitely near the top of Batman movies for me and the best thing out of DC in a long time.

    Soundtrack is great, too. Especially Batman’s theme.
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  2. gordon bombay

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    It was a good movie but not great.

    It needed to be rated R to really drive home the depravity in Gotham but they wont do that with their cash cow so we got a watered down se7en.

    I liked pattinson as Batman, penguin and Falcone were terrific. Didn’t love Riddler and Alfred
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  3. NilesIrish

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    I thought it was very good, I also think an R cut would be better.
  4. hood b. goode

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    Yeah sexy hipster alfred doesnt do it for me. give me michael caine. dropping one iconic speech per movie (some men want to watch the world burn, I had this fantasy Id look over and see you there at the restaurant with a wife and kids)
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  5. bigpig

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    oh shit yes

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  6. Celemo

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    Oh sweet Christmas
  7. Aussie

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    I actually liked this version of Alfred quite a bit.
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  8. paulski

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    Me too. Andy Serkis was far from the worst thing in the movie.
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  9. theregionsitter

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    Only cons for me was way too much rain, alfred was corny, and batman escaping the cops was full of plot holes
  10. bigpig

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    I liked the rain aesthetic. It gave this Gotham a unique vibe; helped it stand out from prior iterations.
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  11. Tex

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    Gotham is a dark, gloomy, rainy place.
  12. Aussie

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    The rain is a pretty common trope of the Noir genre.
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  13. UncleJesse

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    I feel like we are at the part of the thread where everyone agrees its an awesome film and now people just want to cling on to the most minute details to bitch about.
  14. Ty Webb

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    Feels like there should be an official name for this phenomenon
  15. southlick

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  16. Bruce Wayne

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    Court of Owls main villain please
  17. huskerrolly

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    scorching hot take right here.
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  18. Wendel Clark

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    Paul Dano really plays the creepy weird guy amazing. Was fantastic in Prisoners as well.
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  19. bro

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    he is also creepy and weird in There Will Be Blood
  20. TrustyPatches

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    Dano was incredible

    Idk if they’re gonna stick with it but I’m assuming that was the joker at the end. The grave robber kid from The Green Knight
  21. Aussie

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    It is. There is a deleted scene with him in it I recommend checking out.
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  22. Jake Barnes

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    Finally got a chance to watch it. Big fan of the atmosphere and general tone of the film, fit a lot of the gritty 80s Batman comics.

    Wasn’t a big fan of the general chemistry between Selina and Bruce; he’s a little too weird and she’s a little too nice for it to work right.

    Dano was fantastic and if anything, underutilized once he was unmasked. Seems p clear they’re going for the long game on this, so plenty of time to shine more in sequels.

    A bit rough, but very promising; 8/10
  23. Shiggityshwo

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    blown away, ending had me thirsty for more
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  24. Sean Connery

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  25. Jake Barnes

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    I've rewatched this two times since my above post and it's been better each time. Movie has stayed on my mind. I think it does the best job of capturing the essence of who Batman is in my live-action memory.
  26. laxjoe

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    We finally watched this last night (Saturday). I loved it.
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  27. Shinzonᴵᴵ

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    Just saw this scene for the first time. I thought based on his silhouette in the actual movie that they were trying to make his features sharp almost like the cartoon version of the Joker. But after watching this, I was way off. Thought Keoghan played the part well enough for a single scene. I know that the Joker had a accident that left him looking the way he does, but I wasn’t a fan of the over-the-top grotesque aesthetic. The Jeremiah Valeska version on Gotham did that better. But definitely excited to see an expanded Joker storyline in the next RP Batman.
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  28. Aussie

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    I agree. I think his appearance was a bit over the top. I hope since that scene was deleted that it isn't canon and they revisit that a little bit for a sequel.
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