Bad Police Thread - where calling the police is a gamble

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Barves2125, May 28, 2015.

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    Can’t imagine shooting a deer, let alone a dog.
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    black people must feel like they are living with the coronavirus every day in normal life; you can just be minding your business and then your whole life gets wrecked by some bad cop
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    Being an unmanned drone?
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    Covid is teaching America the black experience. That why I get shitty when the "muh rights" people run their traps. Our rights have never not been infringed on. Add in unemployment, evictions, shit wages for work and people minimizing what you've gone through because they don't believe people have really suffered that much and welcome to our existence.
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    This is going off the rails here but..

    Do you all remember Krispy Kreme / Froggy Fresh? Some viral videos a decade ago.

    Anyway, he grew up and he's hilarious. Thought this thread might appreciate one of his videos

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    “I won’t arrest you for endangering the public, and no good cop would.”
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    France is apparently trying to ban (or has banned, various articles say different stuff) video taping police.
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