CFB Week 2 (09/09/17)

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    I did something right for once
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    Not a great week. I blame the players. Was a classic "won all the leans I didn't play" kind of week.

    Ohio +4.5 at Purdue (L)
    Uab +14.5 at Ball St (L)
    Stan +3.5 at USC (L)
    ODU -3.5 at UMASS (W)
    TCU -3.5 at Ark (W)
    WMU +7.5 at Mich St (L)
    MTSU at Cuse -8.5 (L)

    Week 1: 6-4
    Week 2: 2-5
    YTD: 8-9
  3. TLAU

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    parlayed Ark/OSU moneylines and lost. 2-1 on the day. 6-2 total not a bad start to the year with hitting a couple parlays yesterday.

    not posted: 3 teases that lost and kept it from being a really good weekend.
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    3-1 last week

    USC -5 W
    Clemson -6 W
    Utah -1.5 W
    Ohio St -7.5 L

    4-5 overall, even on the year