CFB Week 4

Discussion in 'Gambling Board' started by TLAU, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. kslim

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    I don't know who to be more pissed at wvus defnese or fucking tech and hous offenses
  2. dome foam

    dome foam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Bet under 56
  3. FadeMe

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    If I could stay away from big chalk, I'd have a clean weekend the last two weekends.
  4. kslim

    kslim Guest

    Made 96 today, need CU to stay with twelve without going over 32 points and that would be another 75 so not a bad day
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  5. TLAU

    TLAU Dog Crew
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    Lost a few little ones but loaded up on the Vandy and Mizzou TTs and parlayed those two with the A&M2H. UF lucky ass win was nice too

    Hail Mary parlay was 4-4 :pdl:
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  6. The_QCT

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    Week: 4-1
    YTD: 12-8
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  7. Stagger Lee

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    Made my triumphant return to gambling yesterday after 5 seasons off. 4-0 with App St., UGA, UK, and Wyoming.

    now time to give it all back on NFL
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  8. kslim

    kslim Guest

    Just all around bad
  9. Juan

    Juan All you got for me is Lite Beer...
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    10-7 this week. Really 11-7 but I will not count my last minute semi-drunk homer Auburn pick.
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  10. dome foam

    dome foam ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    that fucking wku game. i was on ball st +10.
    ball st with the pick 6 in the last minute to lose the cover.
    nothing makes me rage harder.

    oh well, good weekend all bets considered.
  11. wolfpck

    wolfpck haters gonna hate
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    11-8 YTD