Cyberpunk 2077

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  1. CUtigers

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    Didn't mind the combat on outer worlds, and the characters/writing made it one of my favorite games of the year.

    I've heard outer wilds is incredible, though. Waiting on a decent sale on the PS
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  2. Illinihockey

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    I kept waiting for Outer Worlds to make it to that next level and it really never did. I enjoyed it but it fell a little flat for me.
  3. Doc Louis

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    Definitely one of those things that EA would never do.
  4. Jean-Ralphio

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    or activision, ubisoft etc etc etc.
  5. BlazingRebel

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    People forget TW3 was also delayed by 3 months before launch. I have no problem with CDPR asking for more months to make it exactly what they want.
  6. Aussie

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    I don't have a problem with the delay outside of me being bored.

    I may just wait for the new consoles at this point to play it.
  7. TrustyPatches

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    That’s gotta be the move at this point
  8. Aussie

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    Yeah, it's going to run and look so much better on the consoles.

    Ideally I would like to build a new PC by then but not sure that is in the cards.