Ready Player One sequel to release in November 2020

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  1. TheGrifter

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    Just saw this. I'm in.

    First book definitely has its flaws, but it's one hell of a fun nostalgic read for a kid who grew up in the 80's-90's.
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  2. RegimentML

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    Hopefully it’s better than Armada
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  3. The Blackfish

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  4. LKRFN88jp

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    Book was so bad that I am nowhere near as excited for this book as I should be.
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  5. ShuPoor

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    Absolutely not, we do not need this at all. Please make it stop
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  6. Lawnole23

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    Will probably be awful but I'll still read it.
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  7. TC

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    By the same guy? Any indication what the plot will be?
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  8. Doc Louis

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    Probably something like Highlander 2 where they skip forward and see that things are worse somehow or some new threat emerges and blah blah blah...
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  9. RonBurgundy

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    Ready Player One was so good
    Armada was so bad

    rubber match, here we go!
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