SIAP: Te'o got Catfish'd?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Fran Tarkenton, Jan 16, 2013.

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  3. Josey Wales

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    Te'o said his gf's brother called him to say she was dead. I mean it shouldn't be too hard to figure out whether or not he was in on this or not.

    If he was: he will never shake this story.
    If he wasn't: he will never shake this story.........and I'll feel kinda bad for him.
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    Hoping to see that on ESPN by the end of the night
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    Oh, no doubt. :shocker: Travis left that out, he's such a douche
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    thank god ND didn't win the MNC, this would have never gotten out
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    She'll never be the head of a major corporation.
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  9. Aaron Hernandez

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    cliffs on the original topic and then every subsequent page please.
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  11. Josey Wales

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    I just have a hard time believing that he or his family actually thought this wouldn't come out after such a spectacle was made of everything.
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    lance armstrong must be feeling good right about now
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    This is the worst trend on TMB.
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    Source tells Deadspin (who first reported Manti Te'o fake girlfriend story) that he's 80% sure Te'o participated in hoax.
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    no one understands it
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    that was in the original story in the op.
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  17. Wicket

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    he obviously was the one who hoaxed manti
  18. Bruce Wayne

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    I fucking hate him.
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  19. Rise

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    I commented about this in another thread but wanted to put it out here -

    I spoke w/ my little brother Chris (Badger) who is good friends with Manti..

    He said Manti would speak to this girl nearly every night "for hours". My brother said he even spoke to her a couple times as did other players. He said they would text all the time. So there was someone at the other end of the phone/twitter that seemed "real" to Manti..

    He said Manti spoke of her as his real GF. When my brother came back off his mission he asked how things had been and Manti talked about this new girl he was talking with that he met at the Stanford game.. I can't see any reason why he would lie about something like that (this conversation occured last summer), so I believe he really did meet someone at some point (who was in on this)... My brother said they hadn't seen each other since, but there were plans for her to come out that fall to the Wake Forest game to see Manti and meet his parents but obviously "her death" occurred earlier.

    Take it FWIW.. Manti is going to get crucified over this and some quotes might come back to haunt him, but in the end, I have no doubt in my mind he was duped and put in an embarrassing situation.

    From the 4hl
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  20. GeneralPaton

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    So if there was a chick that he would talk to on the phone and see in person, who is she really? Someone needs to track her down
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  21. Josey Wales

    Josey Wales Well-Known Member

    Well, if Sandyhook taught me anything, it's that the media is fucking retarded and will report anything to be #1. So I'll give it approximately 3-5 days before I start running with this notion. It shouldn't take any longer than that to get to the bottom of all of this.
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  22. IrishLAX2

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    Adam Himmelsbach@AdamHimmelsbach
    I spoke to ND's Grant Patton, who witnessed Manti Te'o receiving call about GF's death: "He was distraught. It was pain personified."

    He did receive the call in the locker room (supposedly)
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  23. jwpearl

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    This is good. That means the major outlets are actually looking critically at it
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  24. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

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    Who was the source, everyone who read the article?
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  25. Josey Wales

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    Most decorated player in CFB and probably the biggest name in ND football since the Rocket. Ouch.
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  26. IT

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    When Manti Teo said he sent flowers to his dead girlfriends funeral did he mean real flowers or virtual flowers via Facebook?
  27. The Official MassNole

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    He certainly benefited from the story.
  28. ottocreek

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    Like anyone will believe anything from someone associated with Notre Dame
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  29. Fran Tarkenton

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    Manti gonna get caught lying more. And Notre Dame will look more retarded for standing by their mormon.
  30. TDCD

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  33. Redav

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    So did he meet her or not? If so, did someone then make a fake facebook, pretending to be her? How did he find out she died? Did he call the family or what? This is really fucking weird.
  34. Josey Wales

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    Well I could understand them not throwing him under the bus at this juncture in time, especially if that quote is legit.
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    mother fucker, glad it was you clown
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    so many likes given in this thread
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    I'm actually pulling for an elaborate troll.
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    Damn ND is going to take a big black eye for all of this. They really need to just shut up and let things play out. Too late now.
  39. DollarBillHokie

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    It will be pretty interesting that the first gay athlete in a professional sport who was out while playing only came out after creating a story to get attention about a fake girlfriend who died.
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    this is my favorite post of all time
  42. Gata_hata

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    Te'o must have read the eHow instructions


      • 1

        Mention your girlfriend after returning from a school vacation or family trip[​IMG]. You'll need to have a plausible story about meeting a girl away from home, otherwise your friends will be able ask to meet her or be able to dispute your claim with a little investigating.

      • 2

        Commit several details about your girlfriend to memory. Make her appearance and personality about average. Creating a girl that's too good to be true will instantly make them suspicious.

      • 3

        Find a stock image of a girl in case someone asks to see a photo of your new girlfriend. Consider altering it a little with photo-editing software in case someone happens to see the image on a website or in a publication. (See Resources)

      • 4

        Customize a ringer on your phone with a romantic song. Have your sister or someone else call to pretend you're talking. Be sure you've programmed your girlfriend's name to correspond with the incoming number in a case someone grabs the phone to check it.

      • 5

        Buy new items of clothing, compact discs or DVDs and claim they were gifts. When you're at the mall with friends, buy one for her (that you can return to the store when your friends aren't around).

      • 6

        Tell friends how busy she is and list several commitments (like schoolwork, clubs, sports or a part-time job) if they ask why you only talk to her once in awhile. Be creatively evasive about names and locations. For example, just say she works her for father[​IMG] rather than naming a specific store at a mall that they can call.

      • 7

        Sign up for a free email account to send yourself messages from your girlfriend. Leave one open on your computer (or somewhere on your computer desktop where it can be opened by someone curious) for friends to "discover" when they come over to study or play video games[​IMG].

      • 8

        Break up with her after a few months, before your friends figure out that she's fictitious. You'll then be able to use the "I'm still getting over my girlfriend" line when they bug you to go out and meet new girls.
    Read more: How to Pretend One Has a Girlfriend |
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    @MTeo_5: Don't let your dreams stay dreams! Make them a reality!
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  44. allaboutthecash

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    So now ND has killed a kid, cover up a sexual assault that resulted in a suicide and now faked a players girlfriend death?
    Is it me or is nd on psu level
  45. dblplay1212

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    When they broke it, they credited Deadspin.

    EDIT: Sorry if posted 32 times already.
  46. jwpearl

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    Even if some prankster was calling him every night on the phone, he still clearly lied and exaggerated at every turn for extra sympathy. And just lol @ the idea that he wouldn't even ask to Skype with her, or meet her, for a year.
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    If there is a god out there, please let this trace back to Lane Kiffin.
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    ND presser at 8pm with the AD