Zero Zero Zero, the thread (Amazon)

Discussion in 'TV Board' started by BellottiBold, May 17, 2020.

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    People have mentioned the show in posts here and there but it needs a thread.
    I had seen Gomorrah (s1 iirc) but fell behind and forgot about it and now definitely feel a need to go back and catch up because this shit is craaaazy.

    It's not without its problems - particularly an episode titled "sharia" *ahem* but the acting is phenomenal and the cinematography is great. And some of the violence is so shatteringly filthy... talk about pulling no punches.

    Enjoyed it quite a bit.
  2. steamengine

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    Love this show through four episodes. Nothing else really like it.
  3. Truman

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    I liked it a lot. Could tell it was done by the Gomorra people

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    A little more than halfway through. Big fan.
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