ITT Interesting Posts from the Bunker (Part 2)

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    Love that Auburn is putting a bunch of Georgia players on their shit now.
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    That has strong “I’m not owned! I’m not owned” vibes like that wint tweet
  3. Kirk Fogg

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    Why are Brett Rypien and Kellen Moore front and center?
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    Harsin’s connection to Boise, I’d imagine
  5. Where Eagles Dare

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    And Bobo/Friend is why UGA players are on there. Sherman is on there b/c of Derek Mason.

    It's a stupid poster.
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    No matter where anyone stands on the value of star rankings in football recruiting, it’s unfortunate the way college football has come to be viewed in the Internet age. For a long time, interest in recruiting has been widespread and growing. Nothing wrong with that. But nowadays, it has become a staple belief that recruiting ranking and the number of 5-stars signed mean everything. Any protest to that mantra is met with “Look at the teams that are in the playoff every year.” There’s some truth to that, but Clemson won its first national championship without highly rated classes. Auburn did the same in 2010 and almost did it in 2013.

    My feeling is this: If we are going to ignore the hundreds of players in the NFL who never sniffed at being 5-stars, if we are going ignore the walk-ons and the lower rated recruits who made it big, if we are going to say that Auburn should not have offered cornerback Roger McCreary because his best other offer was from South Alabama, if we are going to ignore people like Lionel James and Reggie Slack, Randy Campbell and Nick Marshall, Dee Ford and three-time All-SEC center Shannon Roubique, former walk-ons Kevin Greene and Rod Hood and many others, if we are going to let the NFL Draft to determine how we view college football, then we are throwing away what has made the game special for all these years.

    Camps are valuable to recruiters and to athletes who can show off their skills. What those camps can’t do is show what is in the hearts of those athletes, how much their bodies will change between the time they are 17 or 18 and the time they are 22 or 23.

    Yes, Alabama had six players chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft, and that is remarkable. Alabama has more talent than anybody in the college game. That is very difficult to dispute. I don’t as readily say the same about Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, etc.

    The unfortunate thing is that ESPN, by any measure the national voice of college football, so froths over the handful of schools that everyone else becomes an afterthought. Put the SEC Network right there beside ESPN. It has become so prevalent that, when one of those teams loses, it is immediately written off as an aberration. Nick Saban was 1-3 at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Gus Malzahn’s time at Auburn. In 10 trips to Jordan-Hard as head coach at LSU and Alabama, Saban’s record is 3-7. If, even during Iron Bowl week, that has ever been a subject of discussion on one of the aforementioned networks, I haven’t heard it.

    People like to say “I’d like to have a whole team full of 5-stars.” And they are right about that. Anybody would. Nobody does. Nevertheless, I don’t buy the lists of “most talented” teams being based on star ratings. Just like picking all-star teams or teams for the College Football Playoff, the only consideration should be results. Results are earned. The “eye test” is not.

    I’m not saying here that recruiting rankings or star rankings are meaningless. They’re not meaningless. I am saying that the health of college football is at stake. The game must be about competition and not about subjective rankings or about TV ratings.

    My time writing about the game that, more than any other, has defined my professional life is growing short. Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but for as long as I’m doing it and even once I’m watching from my easy chair, in my mind it will be about competition, about the stories of young men who refuse to accept those who would write them off, who succeed because they work harder and longer. Otherwise, I’d just watch the NFL.
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    These 2 sentences are written in the same paragraph, he both uses the NFL as an example of measuring success and condemned those who use the NFL as a measure of success, amazing.

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    This is the look of somebody who’s been completely Processed.
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    Can we please make Phillip Marshall and Jay G Tate smilies? Which mod do I have to fuck to make this happen?
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    You’re a stupid poster
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    damn, this works perfectly
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    Jordan-Hard stadium
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    That's the spin I pay for
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    That’s enough to make a Husker shed a few years.