What kind of snake is this?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by dblplay1212, Jun 21, 2015.

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    Near marble falls
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  2. Fargin' Icehole

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    My boy and I were looking for Green Anoles at Wrightsville Beach and found this guy. My kid was STOKED. Made his week. Legless lizard, Eastern Glass lizard.

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    those kids on YT snatch up water snakes left and right. Idk how they get bitten repeatedly by snakes.
  4. billdozer

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    Had a visit from a black rat snake this afternoon

  5. Long Ball Larry

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    Caught and released this little gray rat snake at my parents house yesterday. The kids loved it. Meanwhile my sister - “Dont touch it. It’s a copperhead. You can tell from the Hershey kiss pattern” :facepalm:
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    Helped this little guy out of the road yesterday. Corn snake?
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    Crazy Snake Worms Move Into Connecticut
    David Shapiro - 18h ago
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    {this.tipPromotionInArticleVisible!==e&&(this.tipPromotionInArticleVisible=e,this.reRenderExperience())}" style="--direction:ltr;">
    Astate alert warns that Connecticut is being deluged by crazy snake worms. Scientific name amynthas agrestis and informally also known as jumping worms or sharks of the earth. By destabilizing the soil, the worms have already toppled stone walls in New England. Worse: they threaten to turn farmland into wasteland by taking all the nutrients. They are earthworms on steroids says state scientist Gale Ridge. She says to keep new crazy snake worms out of Connecticut, buy bare root plants only for your garden since they can be transported in potted soil. Another help comes from another invasive species – the hammerhead worm, which considers crazy snake worms dessert.

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    Good work buddy
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  10. paulski

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    I like snakes, but sometimes I want them to skip a meal. :tebow:
  11. paulski

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    Gopher Snake, Owsley? Came across him at Craters of the Mooon in Idaho. 20220604_140907.jpg
  12. Owsley

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  16. kennypowers

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    I didn’t think cottonmouths even got that big. Thing is eating good
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  18. MORBO!

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    Warning: Not Snakes

    Came across these spiders in the garage and can’t determine if they’re brown recluse or something like a southern house spider.

    Lighting wasn’t great, I know. They were like a pale brown. Saw two of them along with some eggs. Just want to make sure I’m not running risk with a kid and a dog running around down there.

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