whats your favorite conspiracy theory?

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    DUCKMOUTH People don’t you know, don’t you know
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  2. Doc Louis

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    Yeah but that Incel really goes in on ancient aliens. Sort of.

    DUCKMOUTH People don’t you know, don’t you know
    Southern Mississippi Golden EaglesNew Orleans SaintsGrateful Dead

    I love ancient alien theories. Don’t @me

    also the stoned ape theory is cool. Not really a conspiracy though. Just an interesting theory
  4. Fargin' Icehole

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    Saw this the other day. The blurry image is the earth.
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  5. Mr Bulldops

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    I enjoy ancient alien theories too but the actual show is ridiculous. Literally everything is attributed to aliens. Someone or something left an Arby’s bag in a parking lot. Was it Joey, the supermarket bag boy on a lunch break? No, it was aliens
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  6. Nick Rivers

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    Covid is germ that is intentionally being planted at Trump rallies. This apparently could include a fly being used to infiltrate Pence's hair.
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  7. BamaNug

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    Agreed; not quite a conspiracy, but an incredibly interesting hypothesis. Currently reading "How to Change Your Mind" by Michael Pollan.

    Speaks briefly on the stoned ape theory. For the simps:
    Loosely, the theory is that human evolution, and consciousness, sprang from primates using psilocybin mushrooms. This altered consciousness birthed language, arts, philosophy, religion, etc.

    There is evidence of animals voluntarily eating psilocybin mushrooms they know will cause them to trip.
  8. Duck70

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    When you're right, you're right

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  9. tylerdolphin

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    My new favorite is the Obama administration killing Seal Team 6 to conceal that they killed a body double and not Bin Laden. Trump retweeting it has vaulted it up my list.
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    thats a fun one lol
  11. hudson

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    that I exist.