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  1. IvanTheTerrible

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    Anyone else getting their phone ahead of the estimated time period? I ordered my phone at the same time period as my GF (we have different providers). Her phone arrived today and mine is still scheduled to arrive Nov 17-24th.

    Also, any case companies you swear by?
  2. Nandor the Relentless

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    Smartish. I had one on my 11 and now a magsafe one on my 13.
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  3. Randy Dangus

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    Work supplied me with an 11 a month ago and yesterday I’m in the field and it randomly loses service and tells me there’s no SIM installed.

    Updated last night and it’s fine now but that shit was really weird.
  4. ButchCassidy

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    Idk if it’s my network or if it’s Safari, but the internet seems to get stuck loading while surfing the net. Have to go to Twitter and refresh my timeline then Safari will finish loading.
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  5. tjosu

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    Glad to hear someone else having this issue. It happens much more on my iPad but I’ve had it happen on my phone some as well. I’ll be browsing without any issues, click something like watched threads to go to a new page, and it’ll just say the server stopped responding. Very annoying
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  6. PeterGriffin

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    The MacBook Pro announcement on Monday will be intriguing, I hope the rod of a return to a MagSafe charger is what I think it means, I am sick of the stuck-in charger endangering my shit when I or my dog trip on the wire.
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  7. laxjoe

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    I just realized that my keyboard is automatically capitalizing See when I type. And the only thing I can think of is it’s built in to the IPhone keyboard bc of the Apple TV+ show :laugh:
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  8. Name P. Redacted

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    my toddler has misplaced my apple watch somewhere in the house and the battery is dead. do i tear the place apart or just buy the series 7
  9. PAHokie

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    Do you not have it on find my?
  10. Willpépé

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    Doesn’t work when battery is dead.
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  11. PAHokie

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    My reading this morning is very poor.
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  12. orangebl00d

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    I’ve been using one of these for a few years

  13. Willpépé

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    I have something similar, performs the same functionality. Being new to Mac as a full desktop solution I was a complete newb. Best thing I did was went on Best Buy, told them what I wanted and I had some geek call me. He knew his shit, was trying to get me lower priced stuff to save me a few bucks and everything. I told him I wasn't concerned with the price, I just want the shit to work.

    Anyhow, 10/10 would use that service again.