WTF happened to Country Music?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Moxin24, May 9, 2011.

  1. CUtigers

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    Single just released by Mike and the Moonpies :beaver:

    They also did a cover of The Way
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    THEBLUERAIDER Well-Known Member
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    Just bought tickets for Ian Noe in October.
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  3. teel

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    Does the thread title still apply because the lead singer of hot chelle rae becoming a solo country artist is definitely a WTF :roll:

  4. Hail Southern

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    Ran across this on Vevo a few months back and really enjoyed it. The video is 3 years old so I am pretty late to the party.
  5. AndyCap

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    Sturgill never disappoints.
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  6. SC

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    New Futurebirds. Somewhere on the Country/Americana/whatever spectrum.
  7. Zack Zedalis

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    Bought Tyler Childers tix for Oct

    HOOSINSC You're with me leather

    already sold out in Charlotte and Raleigh for me. secondary market is going to be outrageous.