Peloton Bikes - 2021 It’s a new day?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by dallasdawg, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. skeezy

    skeezy what is this? meowschwitz
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    Just moved and my apartment has a few of these in the gym. Mooching off a family members account til I’m sure ill commit. On day 6/7 and my ass still hurts
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  2. rv12

    rv12 Cowabunga
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    Something, something bike needs calibrated.
  3. Daniel Ocean

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    I think it was a glitch at most.
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  4. Smuggy

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    It looks like Jess King has gained some weight and those bubs are larger than ever
  5. tjosu

    tjosu This is kind of like the breakfast club, huh?
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    …she’s pregnant
  6. Smuggy

    Smuggy Well-Known Member
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    I’m on her ride from earlier this week and she mentioned how hungover she was :huh:
  7. Bruce Bowen

    Bruce Bowen Well-Known Member

    Weird, did one earlier this week and she mentioned her pregnancy like 5 times. And yes them boobies is big.
  8. Mix

    Mix I own a Fuddruckers with Scottie Pippen
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    Well shes a huge trash person so that could be true.
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  9. ohhaithur

    ohhaithur e-Batman

    Seriously? I'm surprised the peloton community didn't riot
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  10. devine

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