Official Dads of TMB Thread

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Boo MFer!, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. the eye

    the eye original ocean grown

    have you learned yet not to discuss anything really important here like real life things .
    I have liked your posting I have cherished your friendship
    but boomfer is a rivals looser .
    you think he cares ?
    did he at rivals ?
    you have know me for 10 years at least watchout what you tell here it used to be ok not now .
  2. the eye

    the eye original ocean grown

    I flooded the board with ignore because this bastard say he eats his kids toys ????? no big deal until I found out.
    hes a real faker .
    now !
    watch the dragons are about to be alive .
    ya know what texas people I saved all that buff ruff naeck told me on the cell I have until june 2 to pain and suffering with this kidney stone .
    when I am in Houston going to Colorado springs I am going to stop and pay a visit with some people take that to to molarcity tonsils molars take it out get it over .
    popcicles ice-cream .two weeks done .
    no dry socket .